Who is Audiomatron

IMG_0325HI, I’m Marcus Smith. I’m the IT manager for a civil engineering firm in south Mississippi. Though, I’m more than that. I’m a drummer, a runner, a vegetarian, an electronic musician, an Air National Guardsman, a follower of Christ. I’m a singer in my church’s choir. I’m a Sunday School teacher and a Royal Ambassadors leader. I’m a Gideon. I’m a quasi clothes nerd, yet I’m also an aspiring minimalist. I’m a wannabe cyclist. I’m also a father and a husband.

I started this blog as a way to share my experiences doing the things I enjoy doing. I have an IT blog, but I have so much more to talk about than just IT stuff.   In doing so, I hope I can inspire and help people.

The Name:

Audiomatron started as Audiomaton (leave out the “r”). It was my electronic musician alter-ego. The word, Audiomaton was meant to be a conglomeration of “Audio” and “Automaton” – a musical robot. Whilst in Air Force tech school, my roommate, who had heard my music, said, “I want to listen to Audiomatron!” To which I responded, “That’s not what it’s called, but I like it. I’m keeping it. Kinda sounds more robotic/technological.” And thus was born Audiomatron.

Audiomatron was my one man band who produced a great deal of electronic music (particularly of the Industrial/EBM variety). I eventually began lending my voice and lyrics to the music, and even performed a few times. Then, I got married and had kids (two freakin’ amazing boys!). I don’t have nearly the time on my hands for such endeavors as I used to, but the name has stuck. It has become my online identity. Audiomatron lives on!