Who is Audiomatron

This first sentence here used tell you my job title. And while my profession does happen to be something I’m passionate about, that’s not entirely who I am. My name is Marcus Smith. I enjoy drumming and computers, hobbies I began more than 30 years ago, and which are still a big part of my life. I also immensely enjoy cycling and Taekwondo. I’m a huge Star Trek fan, and I’m a husband and father. I am the drummer for a kick-ass band called Axiom of Maria. Oh yeah, I work in IT.

I’m also an aspiring minimalist, and have been for some time. Though, it has only been recently that I have really come to understand what that means for me as I continue to learn about living a simple, intentional life. By reading, listening to podcasts, and observing such a life as it lived by those to whom it comes naturally, I have finally come to be able to truly begin that journey myself.


The Name:

Audiomatron started as Audiomaton (leave out the “r”). It was my electronic musician alter-ego. The word, Audiomaton was meant to be a conglomeration of “Audio” and “Automaton” – a musical robot. Whilst in Air Force tech school, my roommate, who had heard my music, said, “I want to listen to Audiomatron!” To which I responded, “That’s not what it’s called, but I like it. I’m keeping it. Kinda sounds more robotic/technological.” And thus was born Audiomatron.

Audiomatron was my one man band who produced a great deal of electronic music (particularly of the Industrial/EBM variety). I eventually began lending my voice and lyrics to the music, and even performed a few times. Then, I got married and had kids (two freakin’ amazing boys!). I don’t have nearly the time on my hands for such endeavors as I used to, but the name has stuck. It has become my online identity. Audiomatron lives on!