Drumming Gear

This page used to contain pictures of the gear I use in life (backpack, coffee mug, etc.), but I came to the conclusion that no one cares. Instead, we’ll focus on my music gear, since that’s what Audiomatron is – my musical alter ego. Here we go!


Previously, my main (and only) drum kit was a 1996 Tama Rockstar with Sabian B8 Pro cymbals. I decided that as a drummer of nearly 27 years, it was time for a more grown-up kit. Well, here it is – my DW Collector’s Series in Super Tangerine Glass FinishPly with Sabian Neil Peart Paragon cymbals (this picture was taken before I got the new cymbals).

Marcus Smith’s DW Collector’s Series Maple

  • 1. 20X20 Bass Drum
  • 2. 10 Inch Short Tom
  • 3. 12 Inch Short Tom
  • 4. 14 Inch Short Floor Tom
  • 5. 16 Inch Short Floor Tom
  • 6. 2005 DW Solid Wood Snare Drum
  • A. Sabian Paragon 13″ Hi-Hats
  • B. Sabian Paragon 22″ Ride Cymbal
  • C. Sabian Paragon 18″ Crash Cymbal
  • D. Sabian Paragon 16″ Crash Cymbal
  • E. Wuhan 18″ Lion China Cymbal
  • F. Sabian Paragon 10: Splash Cymbal