Welcome to Audiomatron.com!

Previously, the only blogging I’ve done has been on my IT/Virtualization blog, whomademeanexpert.com. Everything I’ve read on blogging would suggest that for a blog to be successful, the focus should be narrow. However, I’ve found that to be too restricting. Plus, when things go smoothly at work, subject matter for my IT blog becomes scarce. I’ve quite often had things I want to chronicle or share, but felt that they wouldn’t fit into the scope of my IT blog. Now, in light of the fact that my wife and I have decided to train for and run an ultramarathon, and that I’m looking for a place to share my experience on this journey, I’ve decided to start a new blog. This will be my place to share everything I’m into and not just IT. After all, there is much more to all of us than just our jobs. While IT is more than a job to me, I have many more things that interest me – running, biking, drumming, electronic music, serving Jesus, vegetarianism, art, and more!

It is my hope that as I document what interests me, I can help or perhaps even inspire someone else in the process.



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