I’m Making Videos

So, in my last post, I mentioned having been inspired to make videos on YouTube. Well, I’ve since made a number of videos. I’ve been trying my hand at short comedy sketches and vlogs. The vlogs, honestly are the hardest. I want them to be personal. I want them to give viewers insight into my life. Yet I also want them to be coherent. It’s tough to find something to talk about for several minutes when I’m the only one talking, and also have it hold together (thank God for editing!).

I’ve had a blast making these videos. I’ve needed to do something creative forever now. It is so gratifying to have an idea, act on it, and see a final product out there for people to watch. Anyway, I’ll be making a tab here for my videos, and also a link to my YouTube channel below. Please, check it out!


So, what’s next? Well, I want to redo my popular “How to Clean an IBM Model M Keyboard” video in HD. I also have an idea for a series of visual puns that I’d like to do. I’m starting to see video ideas in everything. It’s awesome!


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