Minimalism for The Tech Enthusiast or Professional

Recently, I went further into debt buying an iPhone 12 mini. I had an iPhone XR. My justification was so my son could have my XR to replace his iPhone 7, and so I could have something smaller. Some questions:

1. Why the hell did my 13 year old kid need a newer phone?
2. Why the hell did I need a new phone. The one I had was far from being obsolete.

Okay, so really only two questions… This isn’t the first time I’ve done this sort of thing.

I’m going to have to tread a very fine line with technology if I am to be a minimalist. You see, my life-long hobby, my passion, and my profession is implementing and caring for computers and their associated paraphinalia. As such, I have a very difficult time reigning in my inclination toward accumulation of technology. Likewise, I find myself assigning value to things like cables, adapters, and defunct computer parts where there actually exists none.

Considering my passion/profession along with my new-found desire to live a more simple life, I feel like it might be necessary to implement some rules by which to live, specifically regarding technology. Here are some I’ve been pondering:

1. At work, I make my users keep computers for at least 7 years. I must do the same in my personal life. Likewise;
2. I must keep and use my computer until it falls off the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for the latest operating system (OS).
3. I must not upgrade my phone until it falls off the HCL for the latest OS.
4. I must not keep cables and adapters for things I do not have anymore.
5. I must not keep mounts and screws for hardware if they don’t apply to my situation.
6. I must minimize obsolete hardware (like old video cards and such).
7. I must only keep enough cables/adapters/chargers for the things I actually have and use.
8. I must not own two of anything (like two PCs, etc.).
9. Any adapter or cable can be replaced at nearly a moment’s notice.
10. I don’t need stereos or speakers because I use Homepods.
11. I don’t need a tablet. I have a PC and a phone.

Lastly, I need to treat technology as it was intended to be – a tool. A thing to be used, and not a thing which uses me.

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