My “Why” for Living a Simple Life

In terms of my health, I have already been forced to define my “why”. What is my why for wanting to live a simple life? Below will be a rambling bulleted list:

– A long time ago, it was the minimalist aesthetic that attracted me. It loved the simplicity, but that isn’t enough.
– I want my house to be tidy. The perpetual mess we live in drives me crazy. It makes me want to leave.
– I have to realize that I contribute to the mess.
– The mess is often caused because we have so much shit. In our old house there was definitely a lack of places to put it.
– We wouldn’t need a place to put the stuff if we didn’t have it.
– The “why” has to be deeper than this. Something has been calling me in this direction for a long time. What is it?
– As I have learned to let go, I’m starting to get a slight intuitive sense of what is so attractive about it.
– I feel lighter, like there’s nothing in my way.
– I can take joy hanging out in spaces I used to avoid. I love sitting at the dining room table now.
– I have minimized in my home and my office. Both places are so much more inviting now.
– I can focus more easily. I can get things done for people right away.
– I’m tired of being broke.
– I’m always broke because of debt.
– I have debt because I use buying shit as a pacifier.
– I’ve caught myself on Amazon looking for a new thing to lust after just to kill time or quell boredom.
– I want to be healthy.
– I also used to pacify myself with bad food (especially candy, eaten an entire bag at a time), which costs money, which   makes me broke.
– I’m healthier now than I ever have been, but I feel like I’m one bad snack away from total relapse.
– Simple living means simple eating. Simple eating = purposeful eating = health.

So, in summation, I want to be a minimalist so I can be free from the tyranny of physical and mental clutter, free from the slavery of being broke, and free from the disease and death of being unhealthy. Otherwise, I’m but a moment away from total ruin if I keep things the way they always have been.

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