The Minimal Aesthetic

As I have stated before, the initial draw to minimalism for me was the aesthetic. Even long before that, as an art student, I enjoyed minimalist artists like Ad Reinhardt. In my current home, I have been able to minimize a few spaces – my kitchen, my dining room, my desk and my nightstand. These spaces are now beautiful/ Pretty much everywhere else in my home is a cluttery pigstye.

I’ve noticed I enjoy hanging out in those places more than ever now. Even though I hate laptops, I’d almost much rather hang out in the dining room on my laptop than the messy bedroom where my desktop is (its okay as long as I don’t look to the other side of the room). There is a certain serenity in a clutter-free space, a space that mirrors and serves almost as a metaphor for living a life with only what is essential.

I do catch myself hovering over these spaces, and being protective over them, catching any stray dishes before one of my family members carelessly leaves it lying about. I know I can’t hold a gun to their heads and force them to live more deliberately (well, I suppose I could… I do have a gun.. but that would be illegal). However, I do hope I can influence them with the way I am attempting to live. I hope they can see the beauty in a space that contains only what is needed.

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